Bangpakong Riverside Country Club

The Bangpakong Riverside Country Club along the Bangpakong River establishes itself nearly halfway between Bangkok and Pattaya and is well-suited togolfers travelling from the airport of between the two destinations. Once voted one of Asia’s most famous and one of Thailand’s best golf courses, the Bangpakong layout today is well-maintained. The course should not be confused with it’s similarly named neighbor, Royal Lakeside, which is also popular with local golfers. The management at Bangprakong Riverside places great emphasis on the local ecology by practicing ‘green’ golf course maintenance. An overall refreshing golf environment for golf makes use of extensive local flora and fauna. The Bangpakong Riverside layout is flattish and sits among large paddy fields. Fairways are wide, sometimes seemingly as big as they are long, which makes the Bangpakong golf course well suited for all levels of golfers. There is some thick rough off the fairways, and greens play fast. The course plays long, especially on holes playing into the prevailing wind off the Bangpakong River. These strong winds can add extra yardage, particularly so on the par three holes where golfers also have to contend with water carries and 200-yard distances. Shots over trees and lakes are featured on a few of the holes and the river winds around the course and come into play often.