Blue Sapphire Golf & Resort

Blue Sapphire Golf & Resort is a lovely 36-hole track in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. It takes around 30 minutes to reach the course from Kanchanaburi town. The layout splits into the 18-hole Canyon Course (Course A-B) and 18-hole Ocean Course (Course C-D). The designer used an abandoned open-cast sapphire mine surrounded by rocky hills to create the routing for both Blue Sapphire golf courses. Local plants and native trees frame each hole. Blue Sapphire’s two 18-hole courses (Canyon and Ocean) are well laid out between a series of synthetic emerald blue lakes. There are five different tee positions to accommodate all levels of golfer. Every hole is unique and named to reflect its playing characteristics. Water comes into play often on the Canyon Course, which comprises the Blue Sapphire (A Course) and Yellow Sapphire (B Course). All the par-3 holes are downhill and require water carries. Many of the par-4 and par-5 holes play up and downhill with vast mountains in the distance. The A-B combination is the better of the two courses. The Pink Sapphire (C Course) combines with the D Course to form the Ocean Course. Although the C Course offers the shortest nine, it includes some of Blue Sapphire’s most testing water holes. The D Course is even more difficult with tight landing areas, elevated greens, and several doglegs around the former rock quarry walls.