The Legacy Golf Club

Legacy Golf Club is a championship course with 18 holes, par 73 distance of 7,037 yards. It is one of the oldest courses, established in 1992 and opened for service. The first time as “Winson Golf Club” and then changed the new owner to use the new name. “Natural Park Ramintra” before changing to “Legacy Golf Club” Jack Nicklaus designed “Legacy Golf Club” as one of the most popular golf courses in the city. because besides the field will be designed by Renowned golf legend Jack Nicklaus provides an outstanding challenge. both west bunkers and layout already In the clubhouse There is also a unique style that It is currently undergoing renovations to be completed within this year. Legacy Golf Club Golfers Know Well Golf course next to Safari World The outstanding hole “Hole 6, Par 5, Distance 532 Yards” is a unique feature of this course. It has an interesting design with a layout that extends from the left dogleg, which must be very careful for long-distance players. When hitting the ball too far to the left, there may be water hazards that trap golfers all the way to the green, and this is the charm of this hole. which while teeing off, you will not see such obstacles at all because there was a large bush In addition, if you golfers who have the opportunity to play here with fun and challenge. will also enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature and saw many kinds of birds Especially the beaked birds that are seen in large numbers that live in this field as well.