Narai Hill Golf & Country Club

Every square foot at the Naraihill was delicately tailored to welcome all guests to have a great leisure and percept the nature surrounded by the Mountain View. Apart from a golf game, the Naraihill also prepares other facilities to accommodate customer needs such as hotel, restaurant, pool, sauna, fitness and Thai massage. Course A To take pleasure in relax during golfing among various and rare specie’s trees that change in scene during each season. Course B To visualize many natural reservoirs for making more colorful and enjoys in the golf game. The water hazard is the challenge of this course that need more precision in game. Course C To meet green with enchanted design and elegant scenario with the view belonged to a tailor made of sand stone allocation. Driving Range Making practice like the real play in the driving range that uses the same glass spicy as in the course. In addition, a putting green and bunker were provided for all golfer to make full golf practices. The Naraihill facilifies consisted of large outdoor carpark for 100 cars,3 types of accomodations,restureant,spa,sauna,fitness,pool,driving range,putting green and pro-shop for fulluy accommodate all customers. The clubhouse was designed with large and elegant among the nature with panoramic view for convenient of golfers and visitors.We also provide inhouse facilities such as a modern locker room, seminar rooms and a resturant to welcome all guests. Locker Room Our modern locker room could be able to welcome 180 golfers at the same time. Restuarant Our resturant would proudly present assorted and delicious international foods such as Thai,Chinease and Koean cuisine.The location of the resturant was designed for multi purposes to serve general customers, group meeting and party occation on both outdoor and indoor area,that could be able to impress by the golf course scanario. Proshop Branded golf equipment and souvenirs are provided for convenient of all golfers.